Cooking with MWR

Do you want to cut down on shopping and chopping? Then come on down to Wind and Sea Recreation Center (Bldg. C-9) every third Wednesday of each month for cooking with MWR! We will be handing out a free family DIY meal kit where we provide all the ingredients and the recipe to cook a meal in the comfort of your own home! Prepped by us, cooked by you! Each event meal kit is limited to the first 40 people to register. There will be a Facebook presentation and demonstration for each DIY meal kit. 


For more information or to register, please call 757-444-4033. 

All MWR physical activities follow the latest HPCON status for practicing safe physical distancing and patron limitations.   

This event will be ending in July. 

The Department of the Navy does not endorse any company, sponsor or their products or services.