The Department of the Navy does not endorse any company, sponsor or their products or services.
Prior to beginning any physical activity it is recommended that patrons consult with their health care professional.


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5 - Week Conditioning Plan

This 5-week plan is designed to reintegrate physical activity. Individuals and Commands can use the NOFFS 5-Week Conditioning Manual and workouts to improve operational readiness and reduce the severity of the injury.

Navy MWR Workout of the day by NSA Hampton Roads

Good morning ☀️ here is a WOD to start out your week our Fitness Specialist Emilee is seen here Demoing a few reps of each of the movements, you can use any weighted item in place of a kettlebell for the swings have fun!View NSA Hampton Roads MWR workout of the day!
Posted 04/13/2020 @ 9:08 a.m. 

Navy MWR Fitness Facebook Live Workouts

Naval Station Newport MWR Fitness is offering virtual fitness classes. View the daily schedule and join the Watch Party video on

 Fitness @Home by MWR Fitness

Published on 03/30/2020
Published On 03/30/2020


DoD Fitness Platform

The DoD has multiple resources for individuals to maintain a level of fitness while preserving social distancing guidance. The below links provide free resources and workouts, using body weight or common household items.

USMC High Intensity Tactical Training

Human Performance Resources by CHAMP

Military OneSource

Commercial Fitness Organizations Live-Stream Virtual Workout Classes for FREE During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Media outlets have identified multiple fitness organizations that are providing at-home services for free or for a trial period. The Navy does not endorse or support the identified commercial program opportunities:

Additional companies that have communicated with MWR Fitness for free at-home options include

Life Fitness

Les Mills

Prior to beginning any workout out it is recommended that patrons consult with their health care professional.  We ask that if you are contacted by a company that is offering free at-home fitness opportunities that you contact me so that they can be added to the resource list.

 Fitness @Home by Norfolk Naval Shipyard MWR Fitness

Workout of the Day

Published on 03/25/2020

Strength & Core

Published On 03/24/2020


Navy Operational Fitness & Fueling System (NOFFS)

The exercises used in the NOFFS program are designed to replicate the activities Sailors conduct in their operational duties: lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying. Developed as a complete fitness package, the fueling strategies allow you to determine your total caloric needs based on your personal goals, whether your desire is to lose, maintain or gain weight. The meal builder enables you to choose high-octane foods for each meal, populate your meal plan a week at a time, and email it to yourself.

Finally, the regeneration component of this series will assist you with addressing and preventing common aches and pains. The soft tissue release techniques combined with the flexibility routine restores muscular balance and ensures you develop and maintain the mobility necessary for high-level performance.

NOFFS iOS and Android Apps!


Family Fun Cardio Workout!

Kidz Bob Dance Along


Kids Fitness

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Promote fitness, serenity and calm with your children through yoga and mindfulness at Cosmic Kids Yoga. Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world.

Get Your Kids Active to Keep Them Fit and Healthy

Children who exercise and play outside show improved mood, sleep, social skills, self-esteem, balance, strength, coordination, and endurance.

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