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Fact vs. Fiction: Vitamin D and COVID-19

Download an informational flyer from Navy MWR Fitness for the facts on vitamin-D and COVID-19.

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Healthy at Home Toolkit

Teaching strategies has created and provided free access to a Healthy at Home Toolkit for supporting families impacted by COVID-19.

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Snacking at Home

A healthy snack provides 100-300 calories, depending on your activity level. Try to stock up on a variety of nutrient-rich snacks. Choose snacks you enjoy with ingredients you already have in your home. 

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Navy MWR at Home Food and Nutrition Tips 

Check out our Navy MWR at Home Food and Nutrition Tips Newsletter. Inside you will find: COVID-19 and nutrition care for yourself, food and recipe ideas, resources and recipe websites. 

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Military OneSource

Military life can be stressful. In addition to the usual daily life stressors, there are multiple deployments, frequent moves, and separations from family and friends. These are times when the demands may be too many and your stress level too difficult to manage. Because of this, Military OneSource offers the tips and exercises to help you to learn how to thrive in the midst of stress and avoid stress overload if possible.

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Coping with COVID-19 Anxiety/Stress

Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and our military community stronger.

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Stay Healthy at Home

It’s important to be safe, careful and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep your health in mind. Here is helpful information from trustworthy sources with tips on maintaining healthy habits?

How to Move More Anytime Anywhere

Move more at home, outdoors and just about anywhere. Get the whole family moving more at home. Finding ways to be more active around the house sets a good example for kids and can help you stay on top of housework. You can combine exercise with other activities, like watching TV, cleaning or cooking.




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