NNSY - Fitness NASCAR Cardio Cup

Join us at Callaghan Fitness Center for our NASCAR Cardio Cup 20-Week Incentive beginning Monday, March 2. 

Accumulate points by doing your favorite cardio/ aerobic activity including group exercise classes! Pick any three NASCAR drivers as your team! Incentives will be awarded to our top 10 participants! 

The sign-up deadline is Friday, February 28. See a fitness trainer for rules. 


  • One lap/point for every minute of cardio completed
  • 60-lap/point maximum per day
  • After each race, the points (not laps) acquired by each driver on your team are added to your laps/points
  • A tie at the end of the season is broken by running 10 laps on our 1/8-mile track for the best time. 

For more information, please call 757-967-2500.