Fort Story - Summertime Superheroes

Pick your partner in crime and face against your rivals to race your way through fitness obstacles spread across the base. Show everyone your strength and speed and claim the title of “Summertime Superhero!” Although all participants older than age 18 can enter freely, this is a rigorous athletic competition, not a self-paced event. The event is timed. You must register with a partner. The course will be completed relay style. Person #1 will decide which four exercises they would like to complete, with Person #2 completing the opposite four exercises (in any order), racing together to each station. While one contestant is going through the exercises, their partner will be motivating them at the end of the current station. The pair to complete the entire course with the fastest time wins the title. First place team will receive the large Summertime Superheroes trophy and have their names permanently added to the Summertime Superheroes wall display at Fort Story Gym. Second and third place contestants will receive runner-up trophies. All participants will receive Summertime Superhero dog tags. Max number of participants is 32.


  • Overhead Walking Lunge (With 25-lb. Plate)
  • Forward Jump Squat with Push-up
  • Plate Drag (With 25-lb. Plate)
  • Low Crawl
  • Lateral Shuffle
  • Medicine Ball Throw
  • Sled Pull (45 lbs.)
  • One-Man Wheelbarrow

For more information please call 757-422-7975.