MWR Golf Courses

MWR golf courses on bases throughout Hampton Roads offer open course play, tournament play, pro shops, driving ranges, cart rentals and snack bars. Professional Golfers Association (PGA) certified instructors also offer classes and personalized lessons. Snack bars serve breakfast and lunch with daily lunch specials, and food packages are available for outings and tournaments.

CAX - Deer Cove Golf Course

CAX • 484 Toledo Ct. • Ph: 757-887-6539

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JEB Little Creek - Eagle Haven Golf Course

JEB LC • Bldg. 3690 • Ph: 757-462-8526

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NAS Oceana - Aeropines Golf Course

NASO • Bldg. 581 • Ph: 757-433-2866

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NSAHR Headquarters - Sewells Point Golf Course

NSAHR HQ • Bldg. CA-99 • Ph: (757) 444-5572

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