Counseling & Assistance - Professional Counseling

People sometimes encounter difficult situations or crises in their lives and often benefit from the professional counseling services that are available at their Fleet & Family Support Center (FFSC). Counseling contributes to personal readiness by providing the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills that can reduce stress in the workplace or in personal relationships.

FFSC of Hampton Roads provides short-term, counseling and crisis intervention for active duty service members and their spouses. In addition to individual, marital, and child counseling, FFSC provides several counseling support groups and classes. At FFSC, each of our counselors holds a master or doctoral degree in Social Work, Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Psychology. They are all fully-qualified, credentialed, and know how to help you.

For a free professional counseling service call your local FFSC or 1-800-FSC-Line (1-800-372-5463) to make an appointment.

Changing Anger Patterns Support Group (CAPS)
This ongoing group is for active duty military personnel who have in-depth anger management needs. Individuals who have been through BEAMS and wish to continue working in a group setting are also welcome. Potential members attend an assessment session with a counselor and are asked to participate in at least eight sessions. Call Norfolk FFSC at 757-444-2102 for a screening appointment.

ChangesChanges is an ongoing support group for active duty military members experiencing an interpersonal separation/divorce. Goals include a reduction of confusion and anger, the rebuilding of positive self-esteem, and the identification of support resources.Call Norfolk FFSC at 757-444-2102 or Oceana FFSC at 757-433-2912 for a screening appointment.

For Commands – The Power of Prevention
Counseling Services (OPNAV 1754.1A)
Fleet & Family Support Centers of Hampton Roads provide short-term, solution-focused counseling and crisis intervention for active duty service members and military couples. The most common issues we address are marital problems, stress, anger, and depression.

Military leadership recognizes that service members are affected when the members or their families are experiencing problems. FFSC clinical counseling encompasses a wide scope of developmental, preventative, and therapeutic services that are designed to address the stresses facing today's military.

In addition to individual and marital counseling, FFSC provides educational and therapeutic groups for specific concerns such as broken relationships, assertiveness, resolution of past sexual trauma and suicide prevention briefs.

Referrals based on individual mental health needs assessments

Professional Credentials
All FFSC counselors are licensed and credentialed mental health professionals. Their qualifications, equal to those of clinical counselors in the civilian community, are enhanced by their ability to mobilize military and community resources as needed.

Importance of Command Referrals
Counseling referrals from command leadership are vital to the on-going success of service members. By referring troubled service members to FFSC counseling, it is possible to restore their focus on work — and possibly prevent career-ending behavior problems.

FFSC counselors assist command leadership in making decisions about the best course of action for service members.

About Confidentiality
FFSC clients are made aware that counseling services are generally private. FFSC clients are notified that under certain circumstances — such as suicide, substance abuse, family violence, etc. — commands must be notified.