Oceana - RV, Boat & Trailer Dry Storage

Welcome to the NAS Oceana MWR Storage Lots Program!

NAS Oceana Vehicle Storage offers safe storage of personal and recreational vehicles for Active Duty, Retirees, and DoD civilian personnel. MWR offers competitive pricing with discounts for yearly (one-time) pre-payments. Should you choose to pay monthly, payments are conducted via the facilities auto debit program. Your card will be stored on file and will be run at the beginning of each month (no exceptions).

Recreational vehicles accepted into the Storage Lots include trailers, campers, boats, and jet skis. Equipment must be maintained according to state laws.

For additional information pertaining to vehicles and equipment which may be stored in these lots, please contact the NAS Oceana Skeet/Trap/Archery/Storage Lots Front Desk at 757-433-2875.

Current Pricing:

Equipment OVER 30-feet: $40 per month or $408 per year (one-time payment)
Equipment UNDER 30-feet: $25 per month or $255 per year (one-time payment)

General MWR Storage Lots Rules & Regulations

  1. The Patron is required to keep all information provided current. By federal law, military installations may retain the proceeds from the sale of any lost, abandoned, or unclaimed personal property, to include privately owned property, found on a military installation. However, no property may be disposed of until diligent effort has been made to find the owner (or the heirs, next of kin or legal representative of the owner). The Patron information required by the agreement will be used to locate the Patron and other legal owners of the property, if any.
  2. The Patron agrees to maintain third party commercial liability insurance on the automobile, boat or recreational vehicle, described above throughout the entire term of this agreement. Failure to maintain such insurance constitutes a breach of agreement and is grounds for termination of the agreement and removal of the Patron's property.
  3. The Patron further agrees to strictly follow the terms and conditions of this agreement and the rules and regulations of the use/storage area, which are incorporated by reference as though fully set forth herein (a copy of which is available for review by the appropriate MWR facility). The Patron further understands that any violation on the Patron's part of the Patron’s agents, guests, and/or invitees and other persons, may constitute grounds for immediate termination of this agreement at the option of MWR.
  4. MWR assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by Patron’s failure to properly winterize or secure their property against the elements.
  5. All vehicles must have valid and up-to-date annual state inspection decals, stickers, or other applicable documentation.
  6. Any additional property must be stored inside the automobile, camper or recreational vehicle, or in an approved storage unit. No loose or ancillary equipment or property may be stored outside the vehicle.
  7. Tags, registration, as well as insurance on stored property is to be up to date as long as the property is stored at the MWR secured storage. If you decide to change the type of property, provide all required documents such as proof of ownership, valid state registration, and valid and current insurance. If you fail to provide this information within 30 days you will be asked to remove your property.
  8. Recreational vehicles must be parked in the assigned campsite/short term storage space. Parking in campsite/short term storage other than the site assigned will result in the following: removal of your property to a use/storage area; with additional charges incurring; termination of your on-site reservations; or loss of pre-payment without any pro-rata credit.
  9. NO Repair Work. No repair work shall be done to any automobile or recreational vehicle any related equipment without the prior approval of designated MWR Manager (i.e. marina manager or auto skills manager).
  10. The Patron consents to collection for any amounts due from me to MWR, the United States Navy, the U.S. Government, or its instrumentalities, for unsettled debts plus applicable reasonable service charges that have been incurred by me or my family members pursuant to this agreement and the services rendered by MWR thereto.