Oceana - Great Escape Liberty Center


“Per the memorandum “Updated Guidance for Mask and Screening Testing for all Department of Defense Installation and Other Facilities”, dated 01 March 2022, as released by the United States Under Secretary of Defense, face masks and/or coverings are no longer required on installations and inside facilities in the LOW and MEDIUM CDC COVID-19 Community Levels. Masks and/or face coverings are optional and may still be worn at the discretion of the individual.
Regardless of the CDC COVID-19 Community Level, DoD force health protection guidance for workplace/recreational access and mask wearing for DoD personnel and customers with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 remains in effect.”

What is the NAS Oceana MWR Single Sailor (Liberty) Program?

The NAS Oceana Single Sailors Program provides high-energy recreation programs, superior entertainment experiences and development of personal leisure skills, leading to extraordinary and unique opportunities for enjoyment, activity and adventure!

Where is the NAS Oceana MWR Single Sailors (Liberty) Center?

The NAS Oceana MWR Single Sailor Center is housed inside of the NAS Oceana Great Escape (Bldg. 540) and can be located at the following address:

911 E Ave. 
Virginia Beach, VA 23460

What does the NAS Oceana MWR Great Escape Single Sailor (Liberty) Center offer? 

The NAS Oceana Great Escape Single Sailor Center includes the following amenities for active duty (E1-E6) personnel:

  • Free rental of facility CAC-enabled laptops
  • Free printing/scanning/faxing
  • Free WiFi internet (bring your own devices)
  • Free state-of-the-art video game systems & game rentals (i.e. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.
  • Hundreds of free movies provided via the Navy Motion Pictures & Navy DVD Program
  • Press Box lounge with flat screen TV's, surround sound, and seating
  • Facility special events, program information and registration
  • Weekend shuttle service for E1-E6 service members to various local destinations (fees may apply)
  • Gaming tables such as air hockey, pool tables, and ping pong
  • DirecTV services along with yearly NFL Sunday Ticket package with access to hundreds of games
  • Mini movie cinema with leather reclining chairs, surround sound system, and large movie screen

MWR Single Sailor Program Special Services

MWR Single Sailor trips and tours include leisure destinations such as sporting events, outdoor adventures, shopping trips, amusement parks, community events, festivals, concerts, and seasonal programs! Check with the front desk at the Great Escape for upcoming trips, events, and program information. 

Single Sailor Ambassador Program & MWR Volunteer Opportunities

The MWR Single Sailor Program is always looking for bright, dedicated, and outgoing sailors/marines who like to make a difference in their communities via volunteer service! 

If you're one of these individuals, be sure to contact the NAS Oceana Single Sailor Program Manager at 757-433-2391 to be placed on a DISTRO list to be included on volunteer opportunities at various Oceana/Dam Neck MWR events, programs, and special improvement projects. 

Receive credit hours for your jackets and make a difference in the lives of the other sailors, marines, civilians, families, and children.