Dam Neck - Galley

The Dam Neck Galley at the Dunes primary mission is to provide attractive, nutritional meals to customers in a clean, sanitary and pleasant environment.  Secondly, our team of food service professional is tasked with providing provisions support for the dining facility and each of the tenant commands to include hot meals and box lunches when needed during the course of the year as well as in the case of unforeseen circumstances and or emergencies.  

In fulfilling our primary mission, the food service team is comprised of 35 Culinary Specialists and 38 civilian employees from Chesapeake Services System (Source America, a former Ability One Program Company that hires people with severe developmental disabilities) who serve as Food Service Attendants.  Our dining facility is modern in design and divided into five different sections including a main serving line, fast food serving line and an outdoor BBQ pit area when weather permits.

Our secondary mission includes the ability to plan, load and manage provisions. The food service team carries a high limit of seven days’ worth of most food items with the exception of fresh fruits and vegetables which have a high limit of five days.  This load plan enables the dining facility to maintain readiness when tasked with short notice requirements as well as any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.  A 21-day cycle menu is utilized in feeding our customers to reduce the redundancy normally found in a 35-day cycle menu.   
We maintain a cafeteria/buffet atmosphere conducive to the highest standards of food service and achieve the most efficient meal service possible. Wholesome, well balanced, and satisfying meals are served under the most sanitary conditions possible, and in carrying out our mission, we ensure that: you are provided a menu which is varied and nutritious, your food preferences are given primary consideration, your meals are properly prepared and appealingly served at the appropriate temperature, and lastly, each meal is served on time in a prompt and courteous manner.

The food service team is always looking for constructive comments to improve food quality and overall operations of our dining facility, and we actively seek your participation as customers to help us in these areas. Be sure to pick up a survey from the cashier’s desk at the entrance of the building to let us know how we are doing.