NAVSTA Newport - GOTickets

MWR at Naval Station Newport, RI has replaced the ITT brick and mortar program with GOTickets. 
The process to purchase tickets begins with you completing a GOTickets inquiry pink form.  
These pink forms are available at a kiosk located at all MWR facilities (Officers' Club, 
Seaview Lanes Bowling Center, Child Development Center, School Age Care, Community Recreation 
Center, Leisure Bay Internet Cafe, Coasters Harbor Island Marina, and the John H. Chafee 
Fitness Center).

The purpose of this form is for the MWR employee to verify your ID, which is critical because 
it tells us what discount promotions are available based on your military status.  Once the 
form is completed it is routed back to GOTickets personnel and they are able to contact you 
within a 48 business hours and answer any questions and process the sale.  Purchased tickets are then 
available for pick up at Seaview Lanes Bowling Center, or they can be sent overnight via 
FedEx for $15.


The John H. Chafee Fitness Center sells:
Island Cinemas 10  $9.00 (gate $10.50)

Seaview Lanes Bowling Center sells:
Island Cinemas 10  $9.00 (gate $10.50)
Newport County Dinner Club  $18.50 (gate $20.00)
   Two-for-one dinners at over 70 restaurants
Providence Bruins  $13.50 (gate $18.00)
Wachusett Mountain Lift Tickets
  Weekend/Holiday Lift Tickets $63.00 (gate $73.00)
  Weekday Lift Tickets  $57.00 (gate $69.00)
  Night Lift Tickets  $52.00 (gate $58.00)
  Learn to Ski or Snowboard Package  $75.00 (gate $99.00)
  Rental Equipment Ski or Snowboard  $28.00 (gate $40.00)

Leisure Bay Internet Café sells:
Island Cinemas 10 $9.00 (gate $10.50)
Newport County Dinner Club  $18.50 (gate $20.00)
   Two-for-one dinners at over 70 restaurants


This MWR facility is open to active duty 
personnel, retirees, reservists, dependents, 
eligible veterans (va caregivers), DoD 
civilians, and contractors with valid ID 
& base access.  Credit/debit card only.